Professor Strange performs his character driven Strange Magic in a quirky, humorous and exciting family magic show perfect for holiday parks, family festivals and theatre performances.

Step inside the strange magical world of Professor Strange.

With a unique personal style and a bizarre sense of humour you'll get no boring card tricks here!

Fast, furious and funny, you'll witness the strange and the impossible, the dangerous and the bizarre in a show suitable for the whole family.

With Professor Strange in charge there's only one thing you can expect: That you'll never have experienced a magic show like this before!


The colourful and quirky Professor Strange is performed by well established magician and character actor Allin Kempthorne. Allin has been performing as a magician, juggler and actor for 25 years with many television appearances to his name and long residencies at theme parks, holiday parks, tourist attractions, onboard ships and at the Royal Parks of London.
Trained in the circus arts at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, acting at The Method Studio, plus in the magical arts at the Las Vegas Magic and Mystery School, Allin has honed his talents to become a skilled, charismatic and fully professional performer.


What sets Professor Strange apart from other one-man magic shows is the imaginative presentation. Drawing heavily from colourful Victorian imagery, vaudeville, and carnival sideshows and incorporating lively music and sound effects into his routines, Allin Kempthorne as Professor Strange creates a strange world of magic and fantasy that takes his show to a level most other one-man comedy magic shows can't achieve.

The show mixes magic and illusion with circus skills, audience interaction and comedy showmanship to present a flexible performance that enables him to keep performing something different to repeat audiences night after magical night. The full standard show lasts for 45 minutes, however shorter shows of 20 or 30 minutes are also available, as are short 5-10 minute spots.

He is also able to perform street shows and walkabout entertainment.


Allin Kempthorne (Professor Strange) has designed this show to be very flexible in regards to space and technical support. When a full stage, sound and lighting are available at the venue (such as Holiday Parks and full time entertainment venues) the venues own facilities are best used. However in smaller or temporary spaces such as shopping centres, cafeterias, street shows, festival fields and bandstands, Allin can provide his own battery powered sound system and flexible set dressing to work in almost any space, indoors or out, on floored stages, carpet, tarmac or grass.

Allin Kempthorne has performed at thousands of venues around the UK
and abroad and for top name companies including:


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