Cue wibbly-wobbly swirly effect as we slip back to the small Cornish town of Penryn where a confident, happy and creative boy called Allin grew up.

Like many small town boys he felt the quiet seaside town didn't offer the excitement he craved so he headed for the bright lights of London determined to make a career for himself in show business.

Allin threw himself into his classes at Circus Space, the UK's top circus school, and applied himself to learning stagecraft, physical performance, juggling, character acting and how to fall off a unicycle and humiliate himself on the trapeze. At weekends he added real world experience working as a street performer in London's famous Covent Garden where he learnt how to capture and captivate an audience. By the age of 20 he was regularly drawing crowds in Covent Garden numbering hundreds of people with his lively half hour comedy juggling act. He started winning awards and was a finalist in the International Street Entertainer of the Year Award held in the Channel Islands.

For the next two years Allin honed and developed his comedy juggling show as a resident entertainer at Chessington World of Adventures. Always hungry to push himself and increase his performance skills he also enrolled at Drama School. At London's Method Studio his already extensive performance experience and highly developed skills in improv, comedy and showmanship caught the eye of his teachers, making him stand out as a strong performer amongst his fellow students and he was voted 'Most likely to succeed'. He now had a strong, trained and developed mix of talents as a circus performer, a knockabout comedy entertainer and now also as a serious actor.

And so began a career as a juggler at festivals, corporate events, shopping centres and tourist attractions across Europe and beyond. As time went by he began to add more skills to his act: balloon modelling, comedy... and especially magic!

Realising that it was magic that held the strongest fascination for him, Allin, already by now a busy full time actor and performer, studied the many aspects of the magicians craft enrolled at the Las Vegas Magic and Mystery School where he was personally tutored by the Ceasars Palace headline magician Jeff McBride and one of the finest close up magicians of our time, Eugene Burger.

He studied well and emerged a confident and highly skilled magician. Along with his existing training, skills and experience as an actor, comedian and circus performer this gave Allin a real performance "edge" over other magicians who despite their magic skills have little performance training.

Allin Kempthorne now constantly travels the UK and abroad performing his lively magic shows and close up magic at a wide variety of events, venues and parties as varied as Butlins and other holiday parks, festivals including Car Fest and Radio 2's Festival in Hyde Park, weddings and private parties of all descriptions, film premiers in London, trade shows as far as Dubai and the USA, corporate bookings for some of the worlds top companies, shopping centres, community events, The houses of Parliament in London, Private parties for Sir Richard Branson and Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden and cruise ships sailing out on the wide oceans of the world.

He developed a cabaret magic show for holiday parks under a simplified version of his name as Alan Thorn. Then in 2017 he created a new character, the colourful Victorian magician Professor Strange. As the professor in 2018 he featured heavilly in the television show Britain's Got Talent which resulted in a full and solid diary of engagements at tourist sttractions and corporate events.

He also continues to work as an actor (when his schedual as a magician allows) and pops up on TV and in films from time to time.

Yet he never stops learning and developing, putting creative thought into new tricks and routines and forever polishing his act. For when what you do for your living is what you love and what you're good at, your passion will always show through. And Allin will always have that passion.

Find out more about Allin's acting career, his comedy magic stage shows, his close up magic and what a whole load of celebrities who have experienced his magic say about him.


As with any form of performance, to be a really good magician you need the best training.

Allin Kempthorne holds a deep gratitude to these great teachers and performers who have taken the time and patience to share with him their secrets and have helped him grow and become the well rounded magical entertainer he is today.

One of the foremost jugglers in Britain in the 1990's, Sean became a teacher at The Circus Space school for Circus Arts in London where he taught Allin juggling, movement and object manipulation skills, giving Allin his great love of performance and of "playing with objects imaginatively!"

MARIANNA HILL (Hollywood Actress)
Best known for her roles in Star Trek and co-starring in two Elvis Presley movies, Marianna was Allin's teacher at the Method Studio in London. She more than any other taught him the craft of being a great actor and her strong encouragement and personal belief in him is responsible for kick starting his acting career.

JEFF McBRIDE (Las Vegas Headline Magician)
A world leader in the theatrical style of magic, Las Vegas's Caesars Palace headline magician Jeff McBride personally mentored and taught Allin the skills of world class stage magic and illusion.

EUGENE BURGER (Close-up Magician)
Generally recognised as one of the most influential magicians of our time Eugene personally mentored and instructed Allin in the arts, mystique and secret techniques of close up magic.


Member of the International Magicians Society
Tap Water Award for New Comedy
WINNER: Britain's Fastest Balloon Modeller
FINALIST: International Street performer of the Year
Member of the International Jugglers Association
National Association of Street Entertainers
Member of Equity
Member of Spotlight
Trained at the Las Vegas Magic And Mystery School


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