You probably know him as the comedy magician THORN, but Allin Kempthorne is also a busy actor with an enormous number of television, film and theatre appearances to his name.
(You thought he looked familiar, didn't you?)
Being both an actor and a magician means he's constantly asked to use his magic, juggling, mime and circus skills in TV shows and feature films. In fact Allin Kempthorne has featured in an enormous amount of films and television programs ranging from Dr Who and Eastenders to the Basil Brush Show, Blue Peter and even The Harry Potter films.

Here's where you might have seen him:

Playing a mime artist in the BBC soap 'Doctors'

Losing his trousers on the BBC show 'Genius'

Host magician in the series 'The First Stars of Vaudeville'

As Magician Marvin Acme in the London production of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

In the TV series 'Dead Romantics'

As Captain Crossbones The Potty Pirate

Presenting a series of commercials for the AA

Playing rock star Bono on 'John Bishop's Britain'

As Dweebie the Robot with Ruth Madoc

In a historical reconstruction for the BBC's 'Gardener's World'

In Panto as the magic villain Captain Blood

Performing card tricks for the local TV news

Playing a stage magician in the film 'The Ipanema File'

Performing magic tricks as a clown on 'Eastenders'

As the street mime artist in the white costume lurking behind Doctor Who

On set of the film 'Dead No More'

Playing Dave in the TV series 'Babylon'

As an anaethetist on 'Holby City'

As Dweebie the Robot on 'Blue Peter'

Performing magic for a corporate video

As an irate patient on 'Casualty'

As a TV chat show host on 'The Basil Brush Show'

Playing a clown for a test card spoof on E4

As Cripple Wa in Terry Pratchett's 'The Colour of Magic'

In the cult comedy film 'The Vampires of Bloody Island' (which he also wrote)

Playing Eddie Twist in the comedy travel series 'Twisted Britain'

As a mime artist in a corporate video

He performed magic tricks in the Rowan Atkinson film 'Johnny English Reborn'

Playing a Rock Star on an MTV promo

In the short film 'Cockcroft and Son'

As John Wedgwood in 'The League of Incredible Gentlemen'

Filming a promo for the BBC's 'Children in Need'

Having great fun playing a tacky salesman for Sky Sports

Playing a vampire magician at a live event

Filming a dramatic reconstruction for 'Panorama'

Playing a comedy role as a sailor from the Titanic

Playing a chef on the Mitchell and Webb series 'Peep Show'

Lining up the shot on 'A Very English Murder'

Performing magic as a scary clown in the comedy series 'Psychoville'

On a commercial for Anchor Cheddar
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